Let’s fulfill the Great Commandment 🔥🙌🙏
What time we are living in? We have a urgent task to fulfill the Great Commandment of Jesus!

It was amazing to visit Worship House -church in Kampala. In this church, there is thousands of members. It’s the one of the fastest growing churches in Uganda. Through its daily programs, Sunday services, branch network, social media platforms and annual events such as the worship night, campus move and the students’ ministry, The Worship House reaches to over 50,000 people globally, revealing the heart of Christ to them!

Pugu crusade – Power of Jesus. Suomenkielisellä tekstityksellä. Gospel First taltiointi Dar Es Salaam.

We are launching ”Gospel First” – YouTube channel. We are gonna add there testimonies, preaching and greetings from the Mission fields. Here is a clip from a sermon, from newly planted church in the Muslim area of Dar Es Salaam. 🙏 BE FREE TO FOLLOW AND SHARE 🙏 Aloitamme Gospel First -YouTube kanavaa. Lisäämme todistuksia, saarnoja ja terveisiä lähetyskentiltä. Tässä on klippi hiljattain perustetusta seurakunnasta, joka on keskellä muslimi aluetta Dar Es Salamissa. Oli ilo käydä rohkaisemassa heitä seurakuntaistutuksessa.