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Gospel First missions – Uganda
We managed to visit a slum area in Kampala and we tried to share the love of God with them by preaching the word of God,giving them Food,clothes and soap as we tell them God knows all their challenges and he has a good plan for them.
Thank you God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 and we give back the Glory to you for everything that was done.

Mark 16:15

It’s our Aim
Let’s preach the word of God and win souls to Jesus Christ.

We are departing from Uganda back to Finland.
We had an amazing mission trip! We could preach the gospel for thousands of people, we had slum outreach programs, women conference, Sunday schools-programs, School outreach programs, tv and radio -station visits and many meetings for evangelists. 🔥🇫🇮🇺🇬☺️🙏

My special thanks to my African brother Pr. Wilson Bugembe, he is doing amazing work and he has fastest growing church in Uganda with more than 5 thousand members! 🔥🇺🇬🌟May God bless you and thank you so very much for hosting us and taking care of us! Thank you Pr. Michael Kimuli you are a blessing to Uganda and Finland! Thank you Pr. Isaac Ssenyonjo you have stand for us and help us with everything! Eric Testimony, you are doing amazing work at the Gospel First missions center at Kampala. Ruth, Gideon, Renettah, Ivan, Stella, Sarah, Brendah – you guys are cool and made our visit successful!

Here is my friend Jackson. He is 12 years-old-boy from Kampala. He is the youngest evangelist in the Gospel First -team. Even he is young, he is very strong in the Lord and preach the Gospel in the streets of Kampala! 🇺🇬🇫🇮❤️🔥🙌✝️🙏

Gospel First Missions Uganda 🇺🇬
Eric Testimony shares his testimony what has happen is his life and what is happening in the Kampala and in the Gospel First Mission center at Uganda. 🇺🇬❤️🇫🇮🙏✝️🙌

Today in the afternoon we went to visit KAVOTTO SAVIORS PRIMARY SCHOOL, the Christian school where Ps. Isaac got to know about Jesus and turn his life around for good from a Muslim background. I got the honor to encourage and pray for the teachers now that the school is restarting after a 2 year brake! 🙏

Gospel First Uganda 🇺🇬
We had a blessed morning visiting the National tv station UBC. We did interview to the Gospel Hype -program second time during this mission with Pastor Isaac and share testimony of faith to the people of Uganda. Thank you so much Big Sam for hosting us in your program. We had also the opportunity to remind the importance of the Great Commission to the viewers. 🇺🇬🔥🙏

Terveisiä Kampalasta, Ugandasta 🇺🇬
Meillä on ollut täällä paljon toimintaa ja evankeliumia on julistettu ahkerasti ympäri Ugandan pääkaupunkia Kampalaa. 🇫🇮✝️☺️🇺🇬🙏

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Gospel First Missions Uganda 🇺🇬
Greetings from evangelists from Kampala. We are really blessed to hear reports of these young evangelists, how they are working hard to win souls in Kampala! 🇺🇬🇫🇮🙌🙏✝️🔥

It has been great to have time to get to know more the Gospel First Mission evangelists! 🤩🇺🇬🔥🙏 We have 50 evangelists from 35 different churches. We had an amazing time today at the Worship House-church! It’s revival time in Uganda! 🇺🇬☺️🙏

Worship House -church Kampala. I had an honor to be part of 4 Sunday services, together with my brother Wilson Bugembe! He preached very well today! He is such a great man of God, May God bless him! I delivered short messages in the beginning of these meetings. I was blessed to see thousands and thousands of young people coming to church today! It’s truly a revival time in Kampala! 🇺🇬🔥✝️🙌🙏