Jesus didn’t come to judge the world, but to save the world. Gospel belongs to everyone, because gospel is is the only message of salvation.

We are rejoicing for the people who have come in the faith. Because of the Corona, our missions got canceled. We didn’t get depressed about it, we started to do what was possible in this situation, we started going around Finnish cities. We have been 6-7 weeks really active way in the streets of Finland, doing outreach and also gospel-meetings in the streets and churches. And I’m surprised, because now 6-7 weeks every week some/ somebody has come in the faith. Nothing extremely big, but everyone week some/someone has come in the faith.

I’m so, so happy about all of this, because spiritual ground of Finland is really hard at the moment. Thank Jesus that you was coming to save people and you are doing it! Let’s pray for Finland 💯🇫🇮🔥✝️❤️🙏