Kuukausi: heinäkuu 2021

Gospel First crusade, Mbeya – Tanzania. Second day altar calling! 🔥🙌🙏🇹🇿
We have witnessed a miracle here in Mlowo. A masses of people have reply for the salvation calling. Power of God has been present! People have get delivered, healings, they have got filled with the Holy Spirit! 🔥🙌🙏 We are just full of joy, that we had a possibility to eye witnesses this all! Tanzania kwa Yesu! Tanzania for Jesus! 🔥🙌🙏🇹🇿☺️✝️

Gospel First, Mbeya Tanzania 🇹🇿
First day of the crusade.
Wow! 🤩 we saw a spiritual breakthrough in venue of Mlowo! Thousands and thousands of people came to listen the gospel proclamation! We had a difficulties when the Generator turn off and we was one almost one hour without electricity.

But despite of all of the difficulties we got electricity back and proclaimed the gospel and multitudes replied for altar calling! It was amazing, demons were cast out! Blind eyes were opening! I watched old lady who repeated again and again: “Asante Yesu! Asante Yesu!” After she has started to see with her blind eye! Thank you Jesus! We saw all kind of physical healings! We saw sign and wonders as it’s written in the Bible! And most of all we see a lot of people replying yes for the salvation calling!

Mbeya, Tanzania 🇹🇿
We had part of our crusade group coming together at radio station today. We invited people to come into the crusade venue tomorrow, when our Gospel crusade starts. It’s great that God have united us for the purpose of preaching the gospel! We are from different countries and backgrounds, but we all have the same God and desire to full fill the great commission! Tanzania kwa Yesu☺️🇹🇿🙏🔥

In the coming crusade we have Gospel singer: Solomoni Mkubwa Kutoka from Kenya 🇰🇪 Sarah Najjemba from Uganda 🇺🇬 Pablo Kutoka from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 🇹🇿 Tumaini Mbembela from Mbeya, Tanzania 🇹🇿 and Paul Bowo, Arto Boa, Serena Boa ja Kimmo Metsämäki from Finland 🇫🇮

Mbeya, Tanzania 🇹🇿
Praise the Lord! ☺️🔥🙌🇹🇿🙏
What an amazing day! We had really successful women’s conference. About 700 hundred women attended and rejoiced to receive encouraging teaching from Serena Boa and Jane Yaledi! It was wonderful to end the conference day to together dinner with this wonderful people if Mbeya!

Mbeya, Tanzania 🇹🇿 we was going to dedicate the crusade ground to the Lord! It was amazing! Even we was just going there to pray, hundred of people came and followed us just to check what we were doing. This venue that we gonna use is the same as CfaN used one month ago, when Daniel Colenda visited Mbeya. We believe that this is very strategic location and place to do a crusade! We pray souls to come to Jesus in Mbeya!

Gospel First Pastors conference at Mbeay, Tanzania. 🇹🇿☺️🙏 Kimmo Metsämäki brought warm greetings and teaching from Finland to the pastors of Mbeya. It’s a great privilege to work together with those pastors and churches to fulfill the Great Commission in Mbeya. We are exited to wait what impact the crusade is going to make in Mbeya.

Praise the Lord!
Half of our team has arrived to Mbeya! What a great, warm welcoming! A crowd of people and many pastors welcomed Kimmo Metsämäki and Paul Bowo to Tanzania at the airport! God is about to do something that great in Mbeay! We (Arto and Serena Boa) are traveling at the moment and arrive tomorrow to Mbeay and join to our team! Tanzania for Jesus! Tanzania kwa Yesu! ☺️🙌🔥🇹🇿🙏
Thank you for prayers our sisters and brothers, prayers have help us! Love you! ☺️🙌❤️✝️🙏