We couldn’t get our flights yesterday. Because of this covid situation traveling is very complicated. Uganda has done new regulations to the year 2022.

In Kampala, there has been also many (Isla-mist) terrorist bomb attacks in last months, so in Uganda, as a governmental level of operations, country has a big challenges at the moment.


We rebooked our flights to the 4th of January and applied e-visas for Uganda. Because of the delay we need to do also new PCR -tests. Please remember us in prayer that we could get e-visas fast and We could travel to Uganda on the 4th of Jan.

We have to remember, that commandment of the great commission hasn’t stop been in power, even if there is confusion and pestilences in the world. We need try our everything to fulfill this commandment, we need to travel, we need to go and we need to proclaim the gospel to every nation, and to every creature!
I believe it’s time for Uganda revival! 🇺🇬❤️🔥✝️🙏

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