It was great to see some of arabic -friends who converted to Christianity in Finland after arriving here in 2015. Thousands of refugees arrived to Finland and many of them came to churches and in the faith. We could bring them with busses to the churches and preach the Gospel to them, for the reason that we still have a freedom of speech and freedom of religion in the Finland.

Key factor to their transformation has been the Word of God. In the picture below is my Bible, English/ Finnish translation, that I Have use to preach the gospel to them. It’s a real blessing that we could preach the Word of God to this former Muslims and they could choose by them self what to believe?

It is a blessing that we live in the country where we have a positive freedom of religion to share to others also, what we believe! And because of this, these guys could choose Jesus! and they choose the Bible and believed that that is the truth and the Word of God!

We are going together with them to support “Freedom of God’s word -demonstration” at the Finnish Parliament -house (21nd of June – at 2pm) We want to support openly Mp Päivi Räsänen. There is really a need to fight for the right to express our faith in Finland in the future also. Gospel First can gather group of 50 persons to the demonstration. (You can collect also your own 50 persons group and inform your group to the police)


20.6 Jumalan sanan vapaus – Mielenilmaus klo 14


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