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We are organizing a mass crusade in Mbeya, Tanzania end of July and in beginning of August 2021. We are gonna organize side to this outreach a pastors conference for 1000 leaders and also women conference. The main happening is gonna be the crusade that we are expecting more than 20,000 people.

Some of our team is already in Mbeya, they are working hard to make preparations. We have big team pinning posters and visiting churches, we have radio advertisements and many churches has join hands with us to make this mega -happening real in Mbeya!

In Tanzania there is a big Mus-lim population, about 35% of all the 56 million people of Tanzania are Mus-lims. They need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ! There is also a lot of witchcraft and dark spiritual problems. Only Jesus can fix spiritual problems, that’s why we need these kind of happenings, because power of God can fix the spiritual problems and the blood of Jesus Christ can wash away all sins.

We believe that now is a moment of Tanzania, a great spiritual awakening is going to wipe all east Africa and we try to do our part and proclaim the gospel, because revival always follows the preaching of the gospel.

We need your help, please pray for us! If you want to support this mission and send gospel to the people of Tanzania, it’s possible:

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